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Project Success

Welcome to Project Success

Established in 1968 as an educational access and equity program, the main focus was to recruit and retain African American students. Today, Project Success remains dedicated to access and equity by serving students of all races, ethnicities, nationalities and backgrounds, making it one of the most diverse programs on campus. Project Success also continues its tradition of creating innovative student support services that help retain students by providing support services that help students build a strong academic and social foundation while they are transitioning into the collegiate environment.

Project Success Offers:

  • A merit-based scholarship
  • Attentive academic advising
  • A three-credit academic skills building and transition course
  • Access to Academic Peer Mentors
  • Access to exclusive tutoring programs in the Learning Support Center and the Math Development Program
  • Access to academic skills building workshops
  • Priority consideration for all Northeastern Summer Transition Programs
  • Social and Northeastern school spirit programs and events
  • Multicultural and performing arts activities for Project Success students
  • Caring, supportive and enthusiastic staff members

Questions? Contact us at (773) 442-4980.

Admission Requirements

An admissions formula that contains an applicant's grade point average and SAT or ACT score is used to determine eligibility for freshman admission to Northeastern Illinois University.

To apply, you must submit an application and fee, along with all documents and materials identified in the ‘Freshman Applicants’ portion of the Northeastern admission application.

For more information about the program, please call (773) 442-4980.

Project Success

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T (773) 442-4980

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